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  1. I agree with Eddie a bit on the point where guys aren’t going for subs and
    it affecting the entertainment value. I understand why IBJJF have their
    rule set, but I was down at the World No-Gi this year, and it was
    abundantly clear that most people were playing it safe, not really going
    for the subs and it wasn’t very fun to watch. Although Eddie is going nuts
    revamping the point system. I would love it if near subs were points, but 7
    points are a bit much.

    all in all… I miss Marcelo

  2. I have to disagree with Eddie. Losing a point for pulling guard is meant to
    encourage takedowns not to discourage someone from using the guard. Our
    sport is seeing more and more brilliant, top level guys becoming
    increasingly more deficient in their takedowns, ie. Wrestling/Judo. I’ve
    noticed that at Mundials the last couple years, that double guard pulls
    have become very regular. Eddie said himself that two of the best bjj
    blackbelt competitors in history only wrestle at a high school level! So
    should the rules be changed to fit the competitors lack of technique or
    should the competitors work to improve their takedown ability? Taking
    someone down requires skill and hard work. Sitting down at the beginning of
    the fight is just easier and warrants a point deduction in my opinion.

  3. @Eddie, it’s not supposed to be a BJJ tournament. It’s intended as a
    grappling tournament, with rules designed to give more of an even chance to
    all grappling backgrounds, even though it is still heavily in favor of BJJ.

    When a guy sits down, it’s not the same thing “giving up the top position”.
    With a takedown or a throw, the guy who does the throwing decides when,
    where and how, which provides him with a significant advantage. He could
    throw and land straight in side control, or even in a submission. That’s
    not the same as walking into someone’s guard. By allowing the fight to
    start on the ground without penalty, you effectively negate the value of
    throws and takedowns. How fair is that to other grappling arts?

    You say “these guys are amazing on the ground, but they are poor wrestlers
    therefore…” Hold on. If their wrestling isn’t good enough, are they
    really the best grapplers? Why do they deserve to win a grappling
    tournament when it is obvious that they don’t have half of the game?

    Otherwise, why not allow Judoka or Wrestlers to stand and wait for their
    opponents to engage them? Why do they have to walk into the other guy’s
    guard and not the other way around?

    If you sit down, you concede that your opponent is better on his feet. If
    that’s true, than he should get points to acknowledge that superiority.
    Really, 1 point penalty is generous, when you consider that if your
    opponents took you down clean he would normally get 4 points. 

  4. My thoughts for rule changes, only deduct a point for pulling guard without
    engaging your opponent so buttscooting basically. Sitting and waiting to be
    attacked is a bit iffy to me but pulling guard and immediately trying to
    sweep/submit is totally fine to me. Make it sub only for 10 minutes, 5
    minutes over time and a second 5 minutes overtime with points so if there
    is no sub after 15 minutes you start using points to help determine a
    winner. Make a near submission the highest point scorer, if I remember
    correctly the highest is mount or back control which is worth 4 so anything
    from 5-7 seems fine to me for a near submission.

  5. adcc was fukin boring this year and rules were retarded, negative points
    and no guard pulling. cobrinha mendes was the most boring fight i have ever
    watched. no one wants to watch 40 min of crappy wrestling, seriously lost
    its aura when marcelo left 

  6. the problem of that is there is too much subjectivity to what constitues a
    “sunk in” triangle for example, what if you can’t get a full lockdown on
    somebody since they are much bigger (absolute division) and can only
    partiallly lock the feet?

  7. They did that because early on, there were a lot of wrestlers line Mark
    Pulling guard is giving up position and should be a loss of points. The
    scoring is supposed to represent a street fight. Pulling guard is a loss. 

  8. I don’t know… I think the point system should only be changed in the
    Finals. You see people complaining about guys like the Miyao Brothers all
    the time. Here in Brazil we call them ‘guardeiros’ – people who only play
    guard. That makes no sense at all nowadays, at least to me. I like to see
    athletes fighting to get positional advantage, and the Sheik probably likes
    that too. If Jiu Jitsu really is human chess, then you shouldn’t be allowed
    to insta pull guard for free. I agree with the point loss.
    However, in the finals, the athletes have already proved their worth. Thus,
    they should be allowed to play however they want to play.
    That’s of course my opinion. 

  9. Btw, I agree with Eddie: submission only. To hell with points. Point jiu
    jitsu is nonsense. The art was created, developed, refined, to end in
    submissions. Points are ruining jiu jitsu. Many people say ‘oh, it’s only
    thanks to points we can see the game evolve’.
    Is it? Because I thought Jiu JItsu was a Martial Art, created to help the
    weak defend against the strong. I wanna see you go Butterfly Guard,
    Berimbolo and Whatever in a real street fight. I wanna see you go Flying
    Omoplata. If you pull guard in a street fight and you don’t end it quickly,
    you’re gonna get your head slammed against the concrete.
    So yeah, do away with points. If the idea is to make things entertaining,
    do away with points. If the game doesn’t end in submission, both players

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